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Understanding 1x2 Betting: A Comprehensive Guide to Asian Handicap

1x2 betting, also known as the Match Winner market, is a fundamental concept in online sports betting that every newcomer should grasp before engaging in wagering activities. It's one of the most popular types of bets and is offered by almost every bookmaker.

To place your bets accurately in this format, understanding a comprehensive guide to football betting and how to interpret odds becomes crucial. Failing to conduct thorough research can lead to losses, which is undesirable for any bettor.

Key Points Covered:

What is 1x2 Betting? What is the Asian Handicap? 1x2 betting refers to the odds format in a bookmaker's list, predicting the outcome of win, loss, or draw in a football match. Players are provided with three main betting options, along with the possibility to add today's soccer tips 

Understanding what the Asian Handicap is and why you need to know about it by following the bookmaker's odds is critical. It's among the most common types of bets, available for both First Half and Full Time outcomes.

Illustrative Examples of 1x2 Betting

1x2 Odds Table Example:

The method of interpreting European football odds differs from handicap or over/under bets, where there are no accompanying betting odds from the bookmakers for 1x2 bets. The odds table only includes rewards for the three outcomes: home team wins, away team wins, or both teams draw.

To successfully engage in Asian Handicap betting, thorough match analysis is necessary. Only after accurately analyzing the odds should you place your bets to ensure victory.

Newcomers are advised not to rush into trying this type of bet. Accumulating experience beforehand and then predicting outcomes can help avoid capital losses.

Formula for Determining Win/Loss in 1x2 Betting

The formula for predicting football odds 1x2 corresponds to three outcomes that differ in winning and losing for players. In the 1x2 symbol, it can be understood that:

  • 1 is placed for the home team to win.

  • 2 is placed for the away team to win.

  • x means betting on both teams to draw.

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Therefore, in the 1x2 betting style, winning and losing are determined in three cases:

  • Home team wins: Those who bet on this option win, those who bet on a draw and the away team lose their bets.

  • Away team wins: Those who bet on this option win, while the other two lose.

  • Draw: Those who bet on either the home or away team to win lose their bets.

This type of bet does not allow for half wins or losses, so caution must be exercised. Betting too much without thoroughly analyzing the match can lead to substantial capital losses.

Accurate Calculation of 1x2 Odds at Online Bookmakers

The formula for calculating money is extremely important information that any sports bettor must know. The purpose of learning is not just to calculate the bookmaker's reward after winning, but also to prepare for the initial betting process.

Understanding how much profit or loss you might incur helps bettors consider betting more accurately. Rather than betting recklessly, knowing how to calculate European odds will lead to more prudent decision-making.

Example of a Simple and Easy-to-Understand 1x2 Bet Explanation

Understanding the theory is not enough to place betting money immediately; practice is necessary. Some examples provided by experts will help you understand how to bet on 1x2 correctly.

Example 1 of What 1x2 Bet Means

Leipzig vs. Man City Match Odds Table:

In this first example, you will be guided on what 1x2 means when betting on the entire match.

Leipzig is the home team in this match played at 3:00 AM on February 23, 2023. According to the football betting selection, the information in the odds table also shows this when Leipzig is ranked above Man City.

You have three choices: bet on the home team to win (Leipzig wins), bet on the away team to win (Man City wins), or bet on a draw. Carefully analyze the odds to consider the potential of each side; at the moment, the away team seems to have an edge.

Suppose you bet 500k on the away team. The possible outcomes after the match are as follows:

  • Man City wins: You win, with a profit of 500k x 1.78 = 890k.

  • Man City loses: You lose, and the bet goes to the bookmaker.

  • Man City draws with Leipzig: You lose the bet.

Example 2 of European Betting

With this example, let's see how to bet on the First Half, which is essentially the same as the entire match. The difference lies in the time, after 45 minutes and the first extra time, the bookmaker will determine the win and loss.

Results are calculated based on the score; for example, a 0-0 score means both teams draw, and a 0-1 score means one side wins.

Frankfurt vs. Napoli Odds Table:

Odds taken from the clash between Frankfurt vs. Napoli in the 22/23 C1 Cup, taking place at 03:00 on 22/02/2023. The German team will be the home team, welcoming the Italian team as guests in an important round.

For instance, if you bet 500k on the home team, the possible scenarios are:

  • Frankfurt wins: You win, with a profit of 500k x 3.65 = 1825k.

  • Frankfurt loses or the match ends in a draw: You lose, and the bookmaker takes the 500k.

Example 3

Follow how to play European betting in this example to understand exactly how to play. The bookmaker's odds taken from the Swansea vs. Stoke City match in the 22/23 English League 2, taking place at 02:45 on 22/02/2023.

If you have 500k and bet on the home team or both teams draw, you will win if the final score is 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3,... The profit is calculated at 500k x 1625k.

If one side wins, you lose the 500k bet.

Frequently Asked Questions about 1x2 Betting

To master a type of bet, you must understand its characteristics. In addition to knowing what the Asian Handicap is, you should also learn about other issues:

  1. Does 1x2 betting count minutes? Does it include extra time? Depending on the type of bet you play, the result counting minutes may vary. If you bet only on 1x2 First Half, the time is 45 official minutes plus extra time, while for the full match, it's 90 minutes plus extra time.The answer to whether 1x2 betting includes extra time is no. Bookmakers only determine results within official time plus extra time; additional time betting opens separately according to the situation.

  2. Does 1x2 betting include a handicap? What are the odds? Of course not. The Asian Handicap specifies the winning and losing results of both teams, without accompanying handicap odds.On the betting table, the bookmaker only displays the corresponding reward rate for each option.

  3. How to Soothe the 1x2 Bet Most Easily? Effective European betting methods from top experts include:

  • Prioritize the home team, the advantage of the home field brings a high chance of winning the game.

  • Consider the attack, the team has a strong attacking ability to win easier.

  • In the first and second rounds of the Champions League, teams often win at home.

  • Learn what a football match is, and how to play in this way will ensure a significantly increased win rate.

  • For the English derby, the team with a higher win rate in the past is likely to continue winning in this match.

In conclusion, understanding the concept of 1x2 brings you a new way to play during football betting. Understanding it will create more diverse opportunities to win bets, without being confined by many odds.

Take the time to learn how to read odds and betting tips website  Finding a reputable bookmaker to predict is sure to win.


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