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Guide to play corner kick bet in football

What is a corner kick bet? A popular choice among many bettors due to its simplicity and ease of understanding. Particularly, the odds of winning are much higher compared to other types, offering opportunities for quick life changes. In this article, Wintips will explore tomorrow soccer tips the ins and outs of this interesting betting option.

What is a corner kick bet?

A corner kick bet, also known as Corners bet, is an intriguing type of wager in live football betting. The special feature of this type is that players only need to focus on the number of corner kicks occurring in the match, rather than the final outcome of the match.

When participating, bettors can place bets on the number of corner kicks that will occur throughout the duration of the match. In addition, bookmakers also provide other options such as which team will have the first or last corner kick. Depending on the platform, corresponding odds are offered for bettors to make their predictions.

Some corner kick bets provided by bookmakers

To provide diversity and more excitement in the players' experience, bookmakers often offer a wide range of different betting odds. So, what are these corner kick bets? Let's explore them right below:

Total corners over/under for the whole match

The total corners over/under bet is a wager similar to the Over/Under format for match scores. When participating, bettors need to predict whether the total number of corner kicks in the match will exceed or stay below the bookmaker's set line and place their bets accordingly on over or under.

So, what does placing a corner kick bet entail? Bettors choose over if they believe the total number of kicks in the match will exceed the bookmaker's odds. Conversely, they choose under if they are certain there will be fewer corner kicks than the set line.

Additionally, betting platforms also offer over/under corner kick bets for each half of the match. Players can place bets for either the first half or the second half, although this option is not as common.

Handicap corner kicks for the whole match

Handicap corner kick betting is a special type that attracts a lot of attention from players. Basically, each bookmaker will offer different handicap odds for each match, based on the assessment of the teams' abilities and performance in executing corner kicks.

When participating, understanding what a corner kick bet is, players need to choose the team that is handicapped or the opposite. Based on the number of kicks executed throughout the match and the odds set by the bookmaker, the final result is determined. The handicapped team will need to execute more kicks than the handicap set to win.

Corner kick bet - 1X2 odds

The 1X2 bet is a simple type that offers participants three options to bet on: win (1), lose (2), or draw (X). This is one of the easiest types of odds to play because you only need to predict the final outcome without worrying about handicaps or any other developments. However, before making a decision, thorough research and analysis are essential to increase the chances of winning and avoid unnecessary risks.


What are odd/even odds in corner kick bets? This is a simple yet very interesting type. When participating, players only need to guess whether the total number of corner kicks in the match will be an odd or even number, then place their bets to make a profit.

Odd/even bets are highly entertaining, requiring members to invest minimal effort in analysis and prediction. It's a great choice for those who want to engage in football betting in a simple yet exciting manner.

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First/Last Corner Bet

Understanding what a corner kick bet is is something you definitely shouldn't overlook, whether it's the first or last type of bet. For the first corner kick odds, bettors have to predict which team will execute the first corner kick in the match. This type of bet adds excitement and drama to the game, stemming from the early attacking moves on the field.

Conversely, the last corner kick bet requires the bettor to predict which team will take the final corner kick in the match. Typically, during these stages, teams will either be seeking an equalizer or defending their lead, so you also need to analyze relevant factors to make an accurate prediction.

What is the Next Corner Bet?

The next corner bet, also known as Next corner, focuses on predicting which team will be awarded the next corner kick in the match. Bettors need to observe the match's dynamics to make informed decisions, placing their bets on the next team based on factors like playing style, on-field situation, attacking, and defending.

No Corners Bet

In addition to standard odds, there's also a bet type called "No Corners" to attract players. In a match, foul situations are inevitable, hence this type of bet offers high rewards. However, since such situations are rare, bettors need to be extremely cautious when participating. Players should carefully consider factors like team form, playing style, and match conditions before making decisions to achieve success.

Effective Strategies for Analyzing Corner Kick Bets from Professional Bettors

While understanding detailed information about corner kick bets is essential, earning attractive profits from bookmakers requires bettors to accumulate practical experience, including:

Understanding teams' form, player positions, lineups, head-to-head records, and history of corner kicks in previous encounters before placing bets.

For the first corner kick bet, bettors should choose teams with strong attacking capabilities, highly rated for their strength. As for the last corner kick bet, prioritize teams in desperate need of scoring for effectiveness.

Avoid impulsive betting and conduct thorough match analysis, considering playing style, on-field situations, and each team's effectiveness in creating corner kick situations.

Teams with tall players often employ attacking strategies focused on winning set pieces, especially corner kicks. Therefore, bettors should choose corresponding betting options when participating in this type of bet.

If a corner kick occurs early in the match, the likelihood of more varied situations arising from this sign will help you make the most informed decision.


So, we've shared information daily betting tips app about what a corner kick bet is and the common types provided by bookmakers. Hopefully, through this article, players will gain more useful knowledge, understanding each odd before participating. Along with that, bettors should accumulate some experience, find effective playing methods to achieve desired profits when betting.


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