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Buy Feed Bags Lauren Bush __LINK__

In 2007, she founded FEED with the goal of doing just that: feeding children in need. So far, by selling great-looking bags emblazoned with the company name, FEED has provided more than 100 million meals.

buy feed bags lauren bush

Lauren, a WFP Honorary Spokesperson who has visited eight WFP food aid operations around the world, was inspired by the plight of the people she met on her travels. She took a special interest in WFP's School Feeding program, which feeds and educates hungry children. Inspired by the aesthetic of the bags of food distributed by WFP, she created the FEED 1 bag, a reversible burlap and cotton bag stamped with "FEED the children of the world" and the number "1" to signify that each bag feeds one child in school for one year.

At the UN, Lauren met then-WFP Communications Officer Ellen Gustafson and they hatched a plan to use FEED bags to FEED the world. In 2007, Lauren and Ellen founded FEED Projects, LLC and started selling FEED 1 bags in April of 2007. By the end of 2007, they raised donations for WFP to feed over 37,500 hungry children in school for one year. In 2008, FEED Projects various partnerships will lead to over $4 million for WFP school feeding.

But her persistence paid off, her business took off, and, she proudly related, an order for 420,000 bags from Whole Foods eventually enabled Bush Lauren to feed the entire school population of Rwanda for a year. Her original line of canvas bags made from organic materials has expanded to include T-shirts, backpacks, and bracelets, and Bush Lauren now produces a women's clothing line -- Lauren Pierce -- that buys authentic crafts from women artisans in the Congo.

Inspired by the aesthetic of the bags of food distributed by the UN, she created the FEED 1 bag, a reversible burlap and cotton bag stamped with "FEED the children of the world" and the number "1" to signify that each bag feeds one child in school for one year. The rest is history.

Four years after FEED was created, the organization has sold 506,898 bags and provided 59,338,292 meals (Numbers at press time -- they have a "ticker" on the site that is constantly updated.) Yes, almost 60 million meals. Bush says we can and should do more. "There are tangible ways people can get involved," says Bush, "we have the retail side where you can buy bags and they'll feed a child for a year. But we also have people doing wonderful things like 'instead of presents for my birthday, please donate to FEED.' It's amazing."

In addition, FEED is now doing custom bags for events, corporations, goodie bags and weddings. How fabulous is that? If you're going to do a giveaway bag, why wouldn't also make it eco-friendly, fair trade with the sugar on top of feeding hungry children throughout the world? Duh!

Well, by now it's no big news that CEO, Co-Founder of FEED Projects, Lauren Bush loves, loves her FEED bag (we do too!) And, after taking over NYC with her feed bag parties, she's moving west to conquer LA. Yesterday at Fred Segal, the FEED LA launching party took place And there was no shortage of FEED bags on hand to pose with.

Her marital name is Lauren Lauren, and she's the niece of Dubya. But don't let that colour your view of Lauren Bush - she's a good egg. She has to be to head a fashion brand that has philanthropy as its raison d'être . FEED Projects' bags have been raising money to feed kids around the globe since 2007, a brainwave that came about after her travels as a student spokesman for the UN's World Food Programme while she was still at Princeton (she read anthropology). Ethical doesn't enjoy the sexiest of reputations, but her burlap bags - a play on the sacks that house food rations - have something of Anya Hindmarch's I'm Not a Plastic Bag coolness about them (they've been spotted on the arms of Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston).

"After I had the initial idea, it took me a few years to design, manufacture and receive an order from Amazon for the first FEED bag which, when purchased, would feed one child in school for one year. So after about three years of development, we were finally selling bags and making donations to feed children. Even now, after six and a half years since inception, I learn something new almost everyday which informs my process of growing and strengthening FEED through design innovation and marketing including strategic partnerships with brands such as Clarins, Tory Burch, Rachel Roy, Whole Foods and Target."

I think two things on were really helpful: It was so accessible and we could tell the whole story because they created a boutique page for us, which meant that before the actual purchase there was another page that explained FEED. To create that page we went to Honduras and took pictures and video so that we were really able to talk about what this product was and what it was going to do. The more people understood the beginnings of FEED and its underlying roots, the more they were able to get involved in the brand and really want to see us succeed. Whole Foods has been one of our biggest supporters as well. So many people have seen the bags at the checkout and recognized the brand. Whole Foods customers bought so many bags that we were able to feed all the schoolchildren in the Rwanda program for a year. 041b061a72


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