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Rakht Charitra - 2: A Must-Watch Movie in hd 720p for Political Thriller Fans

Rakht Charitra - 2: A Gripping Political Action Thriller

If you are a fan of intense and realistic movies that depict the dark side of politics, crime, and revenge, you might want to check out Rakht Charitra - 2. This movie is a sequel to Rakht Charitra, which was released two months earlier in 2010. Both movies are based on the life of Paritala Ravindra, a controversial political leader from Andhra Pradesh who was assassinated in 2005.

hd 720p the Rakht Charitra - 2 movie

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Rakht Charitra - 2, including its plot, cast, crew, reception, and reviews. We will also explain what hd 720p is, and why you should watch this movie in this resolution. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of Rakht Charitra - 2 and its cinematic quality.

What is Rakht Charitra - 2?

Rakht Charitra - 2 is a political action thriller film that was directed by Ram Gopal Varma and written by Prashant Pandey. It was primarily shot in Telugu and Hindi languages, but it was also released in Tamil as Raktha Sarithiram. The movie is a sequel to Rakht Charitra, which focused on the rise of Pratap Ravi (played by Vivek Oberoi), a young man who avenges the murder of his father and brother by becoming a powerful political leader.

The plot of the movie

The plot of Rakht Charitra - 2 connects with the predecessor. The movie begins with a recap of the events that led to Pratap Ravi's dominance in Andhra Pradesh politics. However, his reign is challenged by a new enemy, Suryanarayana Reddy (played by Suriya), who blames him for the death of his family in a TV bomb blast. Surya attempts to kill Pratap Ravi several times, but fails. Pratap Ravi orders his men to eliminate Surya and anyone who opposes him.

Meanwhile, Shivaji Rao (played by Shatrughan Sinha), an actor-turned-politician who mentors Pratap Ravi, asks him to stop the violence and join politics peacefully. Pratap Ravi agrees, but he still wants to kill Surya. Surya decides to surrender to the police for protection and plots to kill Pratap Ravi from inside the prison. He also joins forces with Krishna Swamy (played by Subrat Dutta), an opposition leader who wants to bring down Pratap Ravi.

The movie culminates in a meeting of all political leaders in the region, where Pratap Ravi and Surya face each other for the final showdown. Who will survive and who will die? You will have to watch the movie to find out.

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