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Earl Casey
Earl Casey

Distant YIFY

I love Gary Cooper, especially during the 1950's. He actually aged better and better. This western is somewhat different than what he usually chose to play. He is a distinct personality that his men and others under his care recognize as "leader". I bought it totally. He is distant, sexy and loving to a small son. He is brave and a heroic personality. Just the kind of movie I love with Gary Cooper. The Florida vistas are wild and beautiful. The whole thing just entertained me and I came back for more. I don't remember this one from T.V. reruns so it was brand new to me. I highly recommend to people who love westerns (especially with Gary Cooper).

Distant YIFY

This movie is about a depressed and emotionally constricted man has a distant relative move in with him in his apartment in Istanbul. As time passes, their relationship becomes more and more strained until finally he begins yelling at his house guest--who is out of work and doesn't appear all that eager to find work. That's most of the movie in fact. The problem is that although emotionally constricted and depressed people are VERY withdrawn and non-communicative, they don't make for a very satisfying movie. That's because most of the time he (and his roomie) just stare into space and say nothing. I think all these flat moments could have been shortened to make a 30 minute movie--I certainly wouldn't have minded.

This Turkish film was listed in the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book, and it was rated four out of five stars by critics, I obviously hoped for the best with this film and that I would agree with the recommendations, so I watched it out of curiosity. Basically Mahmut (Muzaffer Özdemir) is a forty year old relatively wealthy and intellectual independent photographer living in the big city of Istanbul, but his existence is in crisis after his wife leaves him. Young factory worker Yusuf (Mehmet Emin Toprak) is Mahmut's cousin, and has travelled to Instanbul after losing his job when the factory closes down, he hopes to find another job to support his family, perhaps on board a ship, and in the meantime stay with his cousin, who allows him to stay, but is very distant towards him. The two do not get along at all, and there are no jobs available like Yusuf had hoped for or assumed, and he has no sense of direction, what to do and how to do it, and meanwhile Mahmut shows hardly any sign of improving from his state of despair, as he continues his dull job, photographing tiles which is inartistic, he also cannot communicate with his ex-wife or lover, pretends to be stimulated by other filmmakers, and watches porn when his cousin leaves the room. There is a point when Mahkut does attempt to bond with Yusuk, as well as try to rekindle his love of art, by going on a drive to the Turkish countryside and taking photographs of it, but both the bonding and this hope for inspiration fail, in the end Yusuf leaves without telling his cousin, and Mahmut is left on the docks watching the ships alone. Also starring Zuhal Gencer Erkaya as Zuhal Gencer, Nazan Kirilmis as Lover, Feridun Koc as Janitor and Fatma Ceylan as Mother. This is a rather odd and slightly uncomfortable film, there is hardly any dialogue, and many of the scenes see the two leading characters hanging around the house not doing very much, but that is the intention, conveying the themes of isolation and alienation, and certainly the good reason for the title Distant, I'm not sure if I fully agree with the four out of five stars critics give it, but it is an interesting enough drama. Good!

Erin (Drew Barrymore) is finishing her internship in New York and returning home to San Francisco. Garrett (Justin Long) gets dumped by his girlfriend. They start up a fling but end up trying to keep the long distant relationship alive.There is some foul mouth rude sarcastic fun to be had here. When you get Charlie Day, you can't expect anything less. At least, I hope we don't get anything less.We catch Justin Long and Drew Barrymore while they're still a couple. Their breakup probably didn't help this movie any. They have good chemistry together. However it doesn't work on the phone. It breaks up the flow of the rom-com. I know it's the gimmick that drives the movie. It's just not a very cinematic gimmick.

Distant voices still lives was a very blend and dissapointing film for me since i heard great things about it and that is one of best british films ever made,but this film didnt hit the right notes to me,characters were completly wasted and boring,which is unfortunate since story on paper looks interesting and captivating,i also found that unnecserey singing very annoying and just hard to listen and to focus on story,i would understand if this is a musical but on genre it doesnt says that,also changing between father abusing parts and cherful moments was very poorly made for me,distant voices still lives was a very disposable film to me and i doubt i will watch it any time soon 041b061a72


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