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GALA Fin de Temporada 2022 Group

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"@context": " ", "@type": "Product", "name": "The Frontiersman Competition Smoker","model": "Frontiersman Professional Smoker on Competition Cart","image": " -content/uploads/products/competition/Frontiersman/frontiersman.jpg","description": "To meet the demands of competitive cooks and caterers alike Yoder Smokers has designed a highly mobile cart around our field proven Frontiersman II. Roll it out of your trailer and into position and heads will turn. At the heart of the cooker is our integrated heat management system that allows the pit-master unequalled control across the huge cooking surface. Whether you are chasing the points or cooking for large crowds, this pit is sleek, mobile and ready to travel.","brand": "@type": "Brand","name": "Yoder Smokers","Manufacturer": "Yoder Smokers","offers": "@type": "Offer","priceCurrency": "USD","price": "9999","availability": " ","itemCondition": " ","url" : " -frontiersman-competition-smoker/","priceValidUntil": "2020-12-31"


Scout Patrol Patch with an image of a Frontiersman. Alternative Names for this scout patrol patch are: pioneer patrol patch, western patrol patch, shotgun patrol patch, cowboy patrol patch, frontiersman patrol patch 041b061a72


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