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Earl Casey
Earl Casey

Nas, The Lost Tapes Full Album Zip

nasir nas' first album since the acclaimed stillmatic (which was released in 2018) was released on december 20, 2018 and features production from no i.d., the alchemist, pete rock, kanye west, nas' longtime collaborator swizz beatz, rza, and others. the album is nas' first studio album in over five years and, depending on the story nas tells, he might not have much else to show for it. after a series of "one-off" projects since his last album, nas decided to take a step back to create the real nasir. nas never really felt comfortable returning to his roots as a conscious rapper, but he remains a force to be reckoned with on nearly every other level of rap. nas is a consummate storyteller, and his new album has a lot to say.

Nas, The Lost Tapes Full Album Zip

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nasir is a portrait of a man wrestling with the implications of success. on nasir, nas raps about the comfort and freedom of "becoming rich," which for him is synonymous with "making good music." it's hard not to hear nas' cautionary words on the bracing opener "blessings." "you can say a lot of things that will get money," he raps, "but im just an ordinary man, trying to figure out how to get mine."

nasir stands apart from the rap genre's broader cultural shift towards simplicity. there's no self-righteous swagger in nas' reflections on a lavish lifestyle; he's far more pragmatic in his reminiscences about extravagance. he rarely preaches it's more about his reflection on the rise of artists like drake, kanye, and j. cole, who have built their own brands while staying true to their vision. but nasir's honesty is, perhaps, the album's greatest achievement. and he's certainly got some company.


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