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Dusk to dawn flood lights automatically switch on when darkness is detected by using a photocell. Some outdoor flood lights have a built-in photocell while others require the photocell to be purchased separately.


Q. Where are flood lights used?Flood lights are a highly flexible type of lighting fixture that can be used for virtually any outdoor lighting application. Common uses for flood lights include: exterior building security, parking lots and lighting for outdoor sports fields such as football or soccer.

ReflectorNot to be confused with a reflector headlight. A projector will contain a reflector component on the inside, usually, this is an elliptical-shaped reflector versus the parabolic-shaped one found in reflector headlights. The differences in shapes will affect how the light is emitted through the projector. Using the elliptical-shaped reflector will focus light on a narrow point near the front of the reflector, where it will meet the cut-off shield.

By definition, this is the act of installing projectors into a headlight. This could be adding projectors to a reflector-based headlight or even doing a projector upgrade. If you have a reflector headlight and are searching for ways to get more light, a retrofit with a projector might just be the perfect answer for you. Retrofitting projectors into headlights can provide many great benefits.

Projector Swap If you already have a headlight that has a projector in it, you can swap this projector for a better one. The most common swap is with halogen projector headlights. Many owners with halogen projectors will opt to swap their projectors for an HID or LED instead. This swap will provide the driver with much more useable light on the road.

In the 2019 model year, the Ram 1500 Classic is feeling the magic within the Warlock Edition! Each model will encompass a bold black grille emblazoned with the iconic R-A-M lettering as well as 20-inch aluminum wheels in a semi-gloss black, a 1-inch factory lift for a more menacing look, front and rear powder coated bumpers, unique hood decals, LED fog lamps, black wheel flares, LED rear tail lamps, tow hooks, projector headlamps with dark bezels, black badging, heavy-duty-shocks, and lastly Warlock decals on the side of the truck bed. You can opt for the optional Sport hood for an even bolder look. 041b061a72


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