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Earl Casey
Earl Casey

Ruben Studdard The Return Full ##BEST## Album Zip

wow. what a disappointment. ruben won. he really doesn't deserve it. ruben is just boring. he can't move around, he just stands there and sings and the sweat pours off him, which is not an attractive or interesting thing to watch. his voice ALWAYS sounds the same, and he tries to make it seem interesting by slaughtering some poor song like john lennon's ''imagine''. he isn't fit for this particular title, hes not a pop star. i'm sorry, but its true. hes a soulful, deepvoiced rb teddy bear, and hes chock full of talent, but clay is a popstar. he truely is. to 49.78% of this country, clay is the real and TRUE american idol, and ruben simply doesn't deserve this particular title. bitch at me allll you want. bring it on. i'm ready.

Ruben Studdard The Return Full Album Zip

isnt it lovely that america, i mean media producers have elected the current american idol, a token african american to satisfy the black community. Even though Clay sold three times as many albums as ruben, the results do not lie. What a bunch of cow manure. American idol is as fixed as american politics


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