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Earl Casey
Earl Casey

Big Fish Audio €? Canyon Cinematic Texture Guitars

Momentum is a free plugin from Big Fish Audio that unlocks the potential of your loops and samples with the next generation of sound sculpting tools. Learn more."Canyon absolutely delivers, giving us high quality, flexible loops for any production that is needing cinematic texture guitars." - Toby Ryan"Canyon is a solid choice for producers looking to build open, expansive themes for game, documentary and western oriented film work." - Sample Library Review

Big Fish Audio – Canyon Cinematic Texture Guitars

The much awaited follow-up to Vir2's top-selling virtual instrument is called Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars. The most cherished elements of the original Apollo were used to create a completely updated UI with all-new samples. The final product is the new benchmark for sound design, ambient, post-rock, and cinematic productions! There are approximately 36GB of painstakingly recorded shimmering swells, fuzzy drones, playful licks, and 63 chromatically sampled instruments, all recorded with top-of-the-line amps, guitars, and pedals! Apollo 2 gives you the tools to achieve your goals with previously unseen power and ease.

To be certain, there are plenty of classic undertones and the guitar tones are classics, too. Authentic is a more appropriate description as the list of guitars and amps used to make this set are impressive and unmistakable. But while these sounds are firmly rooted in tradition, the kits have a thoroughly modern feel. And just like the canyons of the Badlands, Bryce or the grandest canyon of them all, Big Fish Audio and Sample Factory have produced a set of themes and loops that are poised to stand the test of time.

While I might be a bit biased, as a guitarist, some of my favorite guitar sample packs are those that have guitar samples that explore more cinematic textures. When it comes to cinematic guitar sample packs, I often find myself gravitating back toward Canyon. This beautifully curated cinematic guitar sample pack comes with an array of dynamic and colorful melodies, spaced-out chords, and driving rhythms. 350c69d7ab


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