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These ten commitments are actions state chiefs can take to create a more equitable education system in their state. It is not feasible or realistic for any SEA to implement all ten of these commitments at once. Instead, we encourage state chiefs and their leadership teams to use the ten commitments to identify the most pressing concerns and greatest opportunities in their state and create an equity plan that allows their efforts toward educational equity to be monitored, modified, and measured. Within each of the broad categories are specific actions chiefs can take to advance equitable outcomes, guide conversations, and think more holistically to improve equity at scale in their states. This framework does not catalog every opportunity to advance equity, but highlights those on which state leaders can focus their efforts. In many cases, states already have policies in place to advance equity, especially as states transition to the Every Student Succeeds Act; the ten commitments can supplement these efforts. Once state chiefs and their leadership teams have selected commitments they plan to implement, they can refer to the Resource Appendix which offers research, tools, and partners that can support their work.


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This database includes officers of the Department who were Presidential appointees (appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate) and chiefs of bureaus who hold rank equivalent to Assistant Secretary of State. These include: Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Under Secretaries, Deputy Under Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Counselors, Legal Advisers, Chiefs of Protocol, and certain administrators.

Metro Section membership tailors your NFPA benefits to your profession and puts you in direct contact with fire chiefs across the globe who have expertise in fire service occupational safety, code enforcement, property inspection, and engineering. You'll find you'll use your connections almost daily. You'll be able to call on these peers to solve problems, and gain insight into tomorrow's biggest challenges. Plus, stay up-to-date on information geared to the fire prevention, public fire and life safety, and fire investigation communities.Advance your career through CEUs, educational seminars, and professional development critical to your success on the job. Plus, Section leadership and publication opportunities help you build credentials and enhance your reputation as an expert in your field.

Membership in the Metro Section is limited to members of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and NFPA who are fire chiefs of cities or jurisdictions having a minimum staffing strength of 350 fully paid career firefighters. Membership status includes regular (active) members and past (retired) members.

From providing a path to more profit for partners to helping them create new practices in hot markets, channel chiefs explain why they are looking to enable existing and new strategic channel partners as an engine for growth.

The Credentialing Program sets forth the goals needed for chief fire officers and fire officers to establish a higher degree of professionalism so that fire chiefs and fire officers may be better prepared to serve their department, their community, and other organizations.

Our Mission is to provide leadership to current and future career, volunteer, fire-rescue and EMS chiefs, chief fire officers, company officers and managers of emergency service organizations throughout the international community through vision, information, education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism and capabilities. 041b061a72


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