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How to Get Mystic Thumbs for Free with Crack and Enjoy All Its Features

some contractors do not choose to perform crack sealing because they have never done the job before. do not feel that you are any different from the contractor who routs the pavement prior to sealant installation. you need to have the same dedication and skills as he or she has to perform crack sealing.

Mystic Thumbs Crack

another method of crack sealing is to simply pour in an amount of sealant that will accommodate for the anticipated annual thermal movement. no ground preparation is required for this method, but some sealant may run when poured in. the amount of sealant will depend on the anticipated movement and width of the crack. its best to schedule a summer time for sealing to take place.

in summary, an orderly crack sealing process includes pre-routing, sealant installation, and post-application filling to ensure complete coverage of the entire crack, including the undercut areas. the best procedure is to pre-rout the pavement; cover the crack with clean rubberized asphalt; pour in the amount of sealant that will accommodate for the anticipated annual thermal movement; and then compact the pavement after the sealant has been applied to form an asphaltic coating over the top of the crack that will minimize asphalt movement during the summer season.

after the sealant is applied, the main focus is complete coverage of the crack. a good practice is to strip off the old sealant, dilute it with solvent, and flush it away with a clean water stream. the sealant must be completely covered. once this is accomplished, the pavement can be compacted and the crack filled with epoxy. if the crack is too narrow to fill, the contractor may need to use a crack-filling product such as acro-crack to fill the crack.


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