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How to understand the over/under 1.25 odds easily

In football betting, players may encounter various over/under bets with different odds, among which the over/under 1.25 stands out. For those new to sports betting, there may still be many questions about this type of bet.

Therefore, in the following article, will provide detailed information for bettors about the experiences when playing over/under 1.25 bets!

General overview of over/under 1.25 odds

Many may find the term over/under 1.25 unfamiliar, but in reality, it's a quite familiar type of over/under bet often seen on the betting board under the name over/under 1 ¼.

This type of bet is usually offered by asian bookies football in the first half of football matches. The player's task when participating is to predict the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match. Specifically, bettors will place bets on one of the following scenarios:

If the bookmaker offers the over/under 1.25 odds and there are two or more goals scored in the first half of the match, players choosing the over bet will win, while those choosing the under bet will lose.

In the case where the bookmaker sets the odds at 1.25 for the over/under bet, players betting on the over option will lose half of their stake, and those betting on the under option will win half of their stake if only one goal is scored in the first half.

If there are no goals scored in the first half of the match, players betting on the under option will win all, while those betting on the over option will lose their entire stake.

Example of reading over/under 1.25 odds in a match

To better understand how to read over/under 1.25 odds, you can refer to the specific example below:

In the match between England and Spain, the over/under 1.25 odds are provided by the bookmaker Sicbo Games for the first half of the match. The odds for both over and under options are 2.01 and 1.85, respectively. Suppose a player bets 200k on this bet, the results will be as follows:

Players betting on the over option will win the entire stake when the first half ends with a total of two or more goals. In this case, the profit will be 402k (including the initial stake).

Players betting on the under option will win all the stake if no goals are scored in the first half. The winning amount will be 370k (including the initial stake).

If there is only one goal scored in the first half, players betting on the over option will lose half of their stake (100k), and those betting on the under option will win half of their stake (100k).

Most successful betting experiences for over/under 1.25 bets

Experience in playing over/under 1.25 bets

Over/under bets are not just about testing luck but are a combination of many factors analyzed to predict the total number of goals. In football, there are always unexpected twists where a slight change in strategy can lead the weaker team to victory.

To participate in over/under bets more effectively, here are some extremely effective tips for analyzing from experts:

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Study about the teams

Understanding and grasping the strengths of each team in the match will help bettors improve their skills in analyzing over/under 1.25 bets. Some important information that players should not overlook when placing bets includes: the history of head-to-head matches between the two teams, playing style, expected player lists, home or away matches, etc.

Check the bookmaker's odds table

Currently, bookmakers often release betting odds for matches several days in advance for reference. Here, players will be able to see the fluctuations in betting odds, which is also a way that some bookmakers trap players.

Therefore, players must be truly vigilant to consider whether this odds table is advantageous for them or not. Try to closely monitor the odds table before the match starts because the closer to the match time, the more accurate the odds will be.

Other experiences when playing over/under 1.25 bets

In addition to the above, when participating in over/under 1 ¼ bets, players need to pay attention to the possible scenarios in the bet by observing matches to easily find signs and make appropriate decisions:

If a player bets on over/under 1.25 and the odds table appears, choose to bet on the over option.

Before making a decision, consider consulting the opinions and analyses of experts to compare with your own predictions.

In the case where both teams play defensively, there is a high likelihood that there will be few goals scored in the match.

If both teams choose an attacking style of play, it is advisable to bet on the over option because there will be more goals scored thanks to the abilities of the midfielders.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about over/under 1.25 bets for beginners

Should I participate in over/under 1.25 bets for multiple matches at the same time?

The answer is no because betting on multiple matches at the same time will distract you and prevent you from making sound decisions.

Should I follow the crowd when playing over/under bets?

If you have fully analyzed and compiled all the data for betting predictions, then it is advisable to follow your own judgment, not to trust the crowd because the crowd's opinion may not necessarily be correct.

How to calculate the bonus in over/under 1.25 bets?

The bonus calculation formula is as follows: bonus = bet amount x bookmaker's payout ratio.

Is it advisable to cheat in over/under bets?

The answer is no because if you use fraudulent methods, you will face the consequences of having your account permanently blocked.

In conclusion, over/under 1.25 is a quite attractive type of bet that bettors should not miss out on because they are easy to play and bet on. Hopefully, with the information provided by Wintips in the above article, you can grasp and use them effectively!


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