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GALA Fin de Temporada 2022 Group

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[HIGHSPEED] Easy Driver Pro Version:

203 Chapter 13: The 3D Gentle slope Medium slope Sleep slope When selecting a specific Z/X scale, this one is always applied to the 3D, whatever changes in depth are applied to the chart area. This makes it easy to compare data. It can be useful to have the same scale at any time if you move in a region in which the relief does not change steeply. Z/X Scale: 1/1 Z/X Scale: 200/1 To define Z/X: Open the 3D view. Do one of the following: Right click, point to Z/X, and then click your desired value. Double click in the 3D view and then select a value in Z/X. The Z/X change is automatically applied Improving 3D Performance Some video boards might make the 3D view unstable. If this occurs, check the Generic Driver box, in Quality / Performance. The Windows icon is then displayed in the upper part of the 3D view, inside the projection icon. The Generic driver box can seriously damage performance but checking it very TurboWin Nouvelles Fonctionnalités V8-203 / 223

[HIGHSPEED] Easy Driver Pro Version:



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