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Let the Balcony Cleaners deep clean your condo balcony or terrace. Using specialized commercial equipment that abides by your condo rules, you get a squeaky clean balcony without the mess. We offer an affordable bundled service that includes washing your windows and doors, sills, screen door and railing. For the floor, we only use balcony floor machines that suck back any dirty water, deep cleaning your hard floor, no matter the material. We even wipe down any furniture you might have on your balcony. Get rid of months or years of grime off your patio or balcony in one round.


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Very reasonably priced. They came in and were very pleasant and friendly. Spent almost 2 hours cleaning such a small space (extremely thorough) and very reasonably priced. Will call them back next year.

Our window cleaning services ensure that your windows are clean, stain-free, and streak-free for a polished appearance. Cleannit Window Cleaning is all about establishing a good first impression, ...

Let Balcony Cleaning Services professionally clean your balcony at a price you can afford Call for an Estimate Today and Pay No HST Get your balcony cleaned by a professional balcony cleaner. Your ...

A deck or balcony membrane is a waterproof layerinstalled to protect the underlying structure from water leakage. The membranemay be exposed, acting as the actual walking surface, or may be covered withprecast concrete pavers, wood planking or a concrete topping. Differentmembranes are used depending on the type of deck or balcony construction, suchas:

I live in a part of Toronto that is completely inundated with balcony happy pigeons. They love to sit on your railing and poop their little hearts out. My balcony was covered in about 2 years worth of poop, dust bunnies, cigarette ashes, and spilled drinks... all baked in by hot summer sun.

An appointment was made at my convenience, Derrick came, scrapped, brushed, washed, my balcony was restored to a livable place again. If you find yourself needing that kind of services call Multi Services it's worth the call.....Paris

We at Happy And Clean strive to bring all kinds of cleaning services in Toronto, and this includes balcony cleaning services. Toronto residents will not be getting better deals from any other cleaning provider.

Call us now if you are interested in hiring our balcony cleaning services for a competitive price. Our customer service staff will be delighted to answer any questions and queries related to balcony cleaning, no strings attached!

In-depth balcony cleaning in Toronto takes a great amount of time and effort. especially in urban areas, Such time-consuming and tedious tasks can easily be delegated to the best professionals in the field. Happy And Clean is the best balcony cleaner Toronto has to offer.

By keeping your balcony windows and doors clean, you will also avoid unwanted biological agents from building up and eventually getting inside, allowing only fresh air to enter and renewing your environment as a result.

Happy And Clean serves as your own personal guard against these invaders. We take good measures to expel them and discourage them from coming back by making your balcony spider-proof and removing all the disturbing cobwebs that form therein.

Outdoor furniture is especially vulnerable to suffer corrosion by continual exposure to fluctuating weather conditions and traffic pollution. We will take extra care of all the furniture that makes up your balcony area, including portable firepits, chimineas, and BBQ grills, They will turn out as shiny and pristine as when you first saw them over at the store.

Happy and Clean is a locally owned and client-first cleaning solutions provider and cleaning company headquartered in Toronto that is relentless and completely focused on delivering the best quality (and most convenient) cleaning services to all members of our community - making Toronto a cleaner and happier place.

This system should dislodge any particularly bad stains on your patio stones like rust and have it looking like new again. Ensure the area is clear of cleaning solution before you let pets or children back out there though.

Let's be honest for a moment. Condo owners often use their patio balcony as a storage area. Somewhere to "store" their personal effects, seasonal items, even garbage! In Toronto, you'll see many condo owners doing this. But, wouldn't it be nice to finally get your condo balcony cleaned up and ready for spring? Make your outdoor condo balcony a beautiful place again! A place you and your partner can enjoy.

The first step toward making your Toronto condo balcony as spotless as possible is to remove all garbage, tattered furniture that might be hanging around from last season and removing dead or diseased plans. This might seem disgusting, but wear some plastic gloves, and start small. A little bit each day goes a long way!

Next, sweep or vacuum the area to pick up cobwebs, dead insects and other debris. A handheld wet/dry vacuum just for outdoors is a helpful tool. Always use the top-down approach when cleaning. Begin cleaning high places first as debris and dust will fall to the floor. Don't sweep debris over the side.

If you have been thinking about updating your outdoor condo patio flooring, now's your chance to get it done! Having new flooring for your condo balcony will allow you to enjoy your new outdoor living space by the time tulips start to bloom.

Sure, you can buy cheap outdoor balcony flooring, and try DIY'ing it. But this might end up being time consuming, costing more in the end, and causing damage you didn't intend. It's always best to leave condo balcony installation to the professionals! Luckily, that's where we can help! We offer affordable and professional installation and design services at KANDY Outdoor Flooring. Same yourself time, money, and headaches![grve_divider line_type="line" padding_top="25"]

Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly, chemical free process by which many commercial and residential cleaning tasks can be performed. At Hawkeye, our main use of steam cleaning is for the elimination of caked on animal feces and biological fluids. Animal feces, such as that of raccoons, can be very harmful to humans, and can develop airborne eggs, that could even cause death. This is why when cleaning feces, it is essential to be very thorough. Steam cleaning can both sanitize and disinfect at the same time, therefore eliminating any air borne allergens, mould, dirt, bacteria or viruses present.

Chemicals such as bleach can be used for the same purpose, but these sorts of products can be harmful to the environment, and to humans when used incorrectly or excessively. These chemicals can also leave unwanted residues and chemical fumes in the area. By using just water, heat, and high pressure, steam cleaners can completely sanitize and disinfect almost any surface without the use of any chemicals. With this efficient eco-safe process, you are transforming a natural resource into a highly powerful cleaning agent. Whether it is your deck, porch, backyard, attic, balcony, or roof top, steam cleaning may be the most environmentally friendly option available to get the deep clean you need for this sort of mess.

Although being environmentally friendly is one of the main reasons for using steam cleaning, there are also other benefits. Steam cleaners work very quickly and efficiently, and are very easy to use. It effortlessly dislodges built-up debris, flushing away toxins and completely eliminating any infestations as well as proactively preventing recurring infestations. Another benefit to this method of cleaning is the versatility with which you can attack a potential problem. The pressure and surface area coverage can be adjusted to tackle various types of messes, with high-intensity settings to tackle incrusted dirt and fecal matter and low-intensity settings for allergens and infestations.

With this efficient method, you can also rely on the longevity and preservation of your surfaces, from harder more durable areas, to softer porous or fabric materials this system of water cleaning is safe and damage-free. Contrary to common belief, even though this method does use water, steam cleaning does not contribute to the moisture or humidity of an environment. Due to the very high temperature with which the steam cleaner is used only 5% of the steam is actually water. This allows for rapid and thorough drying of any surface and preventing any sort of deterioration. Overall, this green technology is the best method available to ensure a safe environment for both humans and animals that is both cost-effective and result driven in effectively sanitizing and restoring your surfaces.

Vprstoronto has been offering the most affordable effective solutions to clients in Canada for more than 15 years, pigeon netting, electric track systems, stainless steel spikes and other appropriate solutions.

At Vprstoronto we offer seasonal and mild cleaning services. including the scraping and brushing of bird droppings. We also restore balcony floors to their original color through our floor painting services.

If needed One of our trained staff members will visit your site to do a complete analysis free of charge, but most estimates are quickly done over the phone. We also restore balcony floors to their original color through our floor painting services.

Q. What is included in your cleaning service?We clean bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, balconies, bedrooms, refrigerators, windows, kitchen stoves and all areas of your home, office, store, apartment or condo.

Q. What should I expect on my first appointment?We will arrive at your location and will be equipped with all the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to thoroughly clean. Your first appointment generally takes the longest, as we will need time to get acquainted with a new environment. Subsequent appointments will move along faster.

Q. Will I have the same cleaning person each visit?Yes. You will have the same cleaning professional for each visit so long as they are available. We know how important it is to have someone you know and trust cleaning your home. 041b061a72


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